The Apuseni Mountains

The Apuseni-Mountains are not very high. The highest peak is the "Curcubata Mare" with 1849 m. It suites for long mountain tours and walkings. Among the favorite touristic objectives are the Bear's Cave, the waterfall Varciorog, or one of the famous karst ravines. Generally is the rarely inhabited region a relaxing area, far away from mass tourism and always good for a new discovery. 

Ski Area Arieseni

From our hotel there are 3 km untill the schi slopes in Vartop. At the moment 2 skilifts and 3 ski slopes.You have the possibility to rent ski equipment and sledges.

Ice Cave Scarisoara
(Ghetar Scarisoara)

In 15 km distance from the hotel you can wath a unique natural monument. It is opened for visitors in summer.

Bear's Cave
(Pestera Ursilor)

Is the most famous cave in Romania. Open for visitors from spring till autumn and reachable in 1.5 hours from our hotel.

Waterfall Varciorog
(Cascada Varciorog)

With 15 m height one of the highest waterfalls in the region. From the hotel reachable in a about 2 hours walking.

"Galbenei" Canyon
(Cheile Galbenei)

Here you pass into the adventure world of water. Water, water, water - from all sides water. You will get wet! Have fun!